Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pennsylvania - Erie Land Light

As soon as I find the pictues...

Pennsylvania - Erie Pierhead Light

Also accessible on Presque Isle.

August 2007

Pennsylvania -- Presque Isle Light

This is now a private residence in the beautiful Presque Isle State Park.

August 2007

Ohio - Old Cleveland Coast Guard Station

Okay, it's not a lighthouse, but it sure looks like one, doesn't it? There HAD to be a light up in that tower at one time...
I heard that it's been sold to the city of Cleveland for $1 and it's slated to become a maritime museum.
August 2007

Ohio - Conneaut Breakwater Light

Picture coming soon

Ohio - Ashtabula Light

Picture coming soon

Ohio - Old Fairport Lighthouse (Grand River)

This one has been made into a maritime museum and is very well preserved.

Historical marker

In August 2007

I just love lighthouse stairs.

Ohio - Fairport Harbor West Lighthouse

A favorite sight for beach goers at Mentor Headlands Park

August 2007

Ohio - Storm

Most of the place that have lighthouses are prone to having some pretty serious weather...we tried to beat this one home as it blew off of Lake Erie in June of 2006. Were very happy to NOT be on a boat or ship!!

Leading edge of the storm.

It was moving faster than we were -- there was no beating it. Aren't those the most ominous looking clouds? Sheesh!

Ohio - Cleveland East Entrance light

Picture coming soon

Ohio - Cleveland East and West pierhead lights

Easy to view from Whiskey Island (where they smuggled in the liquor during Prohibition) Pics from August 2006

West Pierhead

East Pierhead

Ohio - Lorain East and West Breakwater lights

A beautiful, well taken-care-of lighthouse. August 2006

East on the left and West on the right

Ohio - Vermillion Light

At a pretty beach next to a Maritime museum. August 2006

This is a replica of the original

Ohio - Huron Harbor Light

August 2006
This is a very statuesque light that you can walk out to.

Ohio - Sandusky Pierhead light

The Cedar Point light. We haven't seen this one

Ohio - Manhatten Range lights

These are actually on the outskirts of Toledo. June 2008
One is now sitting beside a restaurant.

And the other is rusting away at this industrial plant...in sad shape.

Ohio - Marblehead

One of Ohio's most picturesque lights. The setting is lovely and it's well maintained. We've been there several times, but have never caught it during open hours...

June 2006
And a little wine tasting at Mon Ami. Well, it's so close...

I took this photo when TJay got me a flying lesson for St. Valentines day. February 2008

Ohio - South Bass Island

Took our niece and grandson for a bike trip to see this one. Took the ferry and had a lovely day of it. July 2007

Hysterical marker

It was under rehab construction, so we could get any closer

From the ferry

Brendan and Lyda

Ohio - Old Port Clinton Pier light

It stands at a marina -- they were very nice about letting on the property to take photos.

June 2006

Ohio - West Sister Island

Another we haven't seen. Nine mile from shore and only the tower still stands. I've heard that nothing is left, but would like to see for myself.

Ohio - Turtle Island

No picture of this one. We can only hope to see it, before it's lost completely to the elements.

Ohio - Toledo Harbor

This is as close as we could get. We couldn't find a boat to go out. Hopefully this year. It's reall a beautiful light and very unique. June 2006

Ohio - Inland - Grand Lake St Marys

This one is in the charming town of Celina, Ohio. We went on 11/11/07 and froze our patooties off! The wind was bitter coming across the lake. The lake was built in 1840 and is over 8 miles long.

The Celina light
The other light

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lighthouse Sightings

We've been hunting lighthouse for a few years now and I decided it was time to start sharing what we've seen. Besides, everyone we know is sick of hearing the stories of our lighthouse adventures...
I'll try and add a few each day -- we're seen hundreds so this may take a while!

Felted scene of the Old Presque Isle Light in Michigan