Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pennsylvania - Erie Land Light

As soon as I find the pictues...

Pennsylvania - Erie Pierhead Light

Also accessible on Presque Isle.

August 2007

Pennsylvania -- Presque Isle Light

This is now a private residence in the beautiful Presque Isle State Park.

August 2007

Ohio - Old Cleveland Coast Guard Station

Okay, it's not a lighthouse, but it sure looks like one, doesn't it? There HAD to be a light up in that tower at one time...
I heard that it's been sold to the city of Cleveland for $1 and it's slated to become a maritime museum.
August 2007

Ohio - Conneaut Breakwater Light

Picture coming soon

Ohio - Ashtabula Light

Picture coming soon

Ohio - Old Fairport Lighthouse (Grand River)

This one has been made into a maritime museum and is very well preserved.

Historical marker

In August 2007

I just love lighthouse stairs.